J'adore la poutine

Some of my friends hosted a poutine party the other night.  They had all sorts of cool toppings like pulled pork, chili, and even turkey and stuffing.  I am a poutine purist, though.  Cheese curds and gravy were my toppings of choice.  Here's what I wore to their soirée...

Shirt: Garage // Dress {worn as a skirt} Old Navy // 

I felt like I should continue with my festive holiday attire, for the party.  I selected my red plaid button-down first, and made the rest of the outfit to go along with it.

Tights: Tag // Boots: Tretorn at Little Burgundy // 

Two things I love:
1. Wearing summer clothes in winter
2. Mixing patterns

This outfit just seemed fun to me. Wearing a dress to a friendly gathering is sometimes frowned upon for being too dressy.  I think I managed to dress it down with the playful tying up of my plaid top. 

Headband: Claire's // 

Oh bows, how I love thee.

I'm enjoying my snow-filled holidays more than ever :)  I hope that you are too.

♥ Meg xoxo


  1. mmm poutine- next year cupcakes and dresses are completely acceptable!

  2. Ooo, aaa ... cupcakes. Lovely. I vote for chocolate, and red velvet. :)