I love my city

Here's a piece of a conversation that I had the other morning, with a Grade 8 student:

Student: Mlle, I like that you wear weird outfits like sweaters with skirts.
Me: . . . thanks... I think? 

Sweater: H&M // Skirt: Costa Blanca // 

Is sweater + skirt a weird combo?  I didn't think so.  I mean, it's cozy sweater weather for sure. And I love skirts. So... it's definitely not weird, in my opinion.

Tights: McGregor Sock Shop //

It's hard to tell, but these heels are navy.  And plaid. Wait for it . . .

Heels: Aldo //

I think that the plaid makes them interesting. Oh, and the mud.  haha. I got a little muddy while posing on the side of the escarpment.

Nail polish: Nicole by OPI in Shoot for the Maroon // Earrings: Borrowed from Mum //

I would say that this polish and my tights are maroon. Apparently, this season, they are "oxblood".  I like renaming colours and all, but oxblood seems a little but graphic if you ask me.  As for the earrings, they match the shoes! I mean, not when you put them next to each other... but earrings and shoes are not found next to each other in their natural habitats.  

All I needed was a footrest. 

A lot of people *heart* other people's cities. But I really like my own.
♥ Meg xoxo
PS Book review to come... I've been très busy Christmas shopping.

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