Birds and Pockets

I woke up singing T Swift.  A random line from her song Holy Ground was playing in my head - "I was spinning like a girl in a brand new dress, we had this big wide city all to ourselves". I decided that I needed to wear a spinny dress.  You know... a dress that you can spin around in. 

Dress: Anthropologie // Shirt: H&M //

So, as you can see... this is a strapless dress that may be labelled by most as a "summer dress." Add a long-sleeved shirt underneath, and voilà: ready to wear in the fall.

colourful birdies.

I like this dress because it is flowy yet structured. It has a pretty pattern and pockets. It is an appropriate length for someone medium-sized height, like myself. 

Tights: Target // Shoes: Zeller's //
This cute little motel is right in the middle of a downtown area. It's adorable on the outside. I really like all of the different fonts in their sign.  

Aside: Is that how you spell "kitchenette"? I think it only has one "n". Adorable, nonetheless. 

♥ Meg xoxo

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