Dusk magic

This street comes to an end at this nice looking, shiny diamond and a corn field. It's probably creepy at night time, but I liked it at dusk. 

Top and scarf: thrifted // Skirt: Tommy (outlet) // Tights: Sears //
Not much in this outfit seems to match, on paper. Navy sweater, brown skirt, maroon tights, yellow scarf, and gold heels.  In action, though, they all sort of come together.  The skirt isn't really brown.  It's this magical tweed that has threads of, you guessed it: navy, maroon, and golden yellow. 

Heels: Call it Spring //
Glitter is spectacular. It's one of my favourite craft supplies. Add it to shoes and I'm in heaven. Also, witness the tweed magic. 


When I uploaded my photos, one of them turned out like this.  Very odd, oui? It reminded me of something that might happen on an old-school film camera.

Where did she go?

Enjoy those "magic" dusk hours; they are beautiful and fleeting. 
♥ Meg xoxo

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