"But Debbie... pastels?"

Oh Morticia Addams... how pastels offend you.

Usually pastels are saved for Easter dresses. I thought that I would wear them in October to mix things up.

Shirt: Forever XXI // Pants: American Eagle Outfitters Outlet // Belt: Garage //

Polka dot PANTS. Finally, my wardrobe is complete. Okay, that's a lie. But I am in love with these pants. Most often, polka dots on pants are saved for the pyjama section. Here they are on a pair of cropped jeans. ♥

Heels: Charlotte Russe //

I kind of love all things "Tiffany" blue. Why wouldn't I love heels in the colour?

I think that it is okay to wear jeans to work for casual days, but not to dress them down too much.  I like pairing jeans with heels on Fridays to keep up an air of professionalism. I mean, wearing a pair of Converse with this outfit would work on the weekend but, from Monday to Friday, it might have people confusing me for a student. . . 

Happy [rainy] weekend!
♥ Meg xoxo

PS. Watch Morticia's reaction to pastels here

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