Bowling and Houndstooth

I pass this bowling alley everyday on the way to work. I think it's really cute.  Actually, I think a lot of things about bowling are cute: the shoes with the numbers on the back, the team bowling shirts with the name embroidered on the pocket, and the colourful bowling balls.  Bowling, as a sport or pass-time, isn't really my thing, though. . . You can't really wear a dress to bowl. :)

 Dress: H&M // Leggings: Vintage //

Leggings are here! One of my students told me yesterday that I haven't worn pants to school yet; I only wear dresses or skirts. I think leggings are a helpful article of clothing, meant to be worn under dresses or long skirts, when the seasons are a changin'.

Boots: Sterling (during their Closing Sale. tear*) //
I love houndstooth, as a pattern. I was in love with this pink and black version of it, the moment I laid eyes on it in the store.

Happy weekend!
♥ Meg xoxo

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