Wind is playing in the trees, kicking up confetti leaves...

It smelled like autumn outside today. That being said, I decided to wear a bright, summery dress. I guess I'm not really ready for dark fall colours yet . And, I mean, the dress has 3/4 length sleeves; it's obviously a fall piece :) 

"We began with cake; we ended with pie."

I am not one of those people who put away their summer clothes when fall and winter come. I just add patterned tights and cardigans, and wear my summer clothes all year 'round :)

Dress: Old Navy // Belt: borrowed from another dress

I really love these shoes. They feel like I am wearing ballet slippers or those cloth jazz shoes.

Tights: Forever XXI // Shoes : Zeller's // 

I hope you got a chance to enjoy the crisp autumn air today.
♥ Meg xoxo

PS. Listened to a little Mandy Moore today in the car. Love. Listen to Extraordinary and think about the confetti leaves. 

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