Stripes and polka dots

I used to ask people if they liked stripes or polka dots.

What? Stripes and polka dots aren't neutrals?
I, obviously, choose polka dots every time. It's not that I don't like stripes. I just like polka dots more.  Put them together, though, and I am in love.  

Body suit and skirt: Forever XXI // Sunglasses: Old Navy  // 

When I was wearing this, some people told me that stripes and polka dots do not match. I, for one, do not agree.
Shoes: thrifted and crafted //

I decorated these shoes one school night last winter. This craft involved black shoes from a second-hand store, fine glitter, and Mod Podge. Students are mesmerized by these shoes every time I wear them.
I really, really love messy crafts. And shoes.

Book review to come. Do you like how the book matched the outfit? Total coincidence.
♥ Meg xoxo

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