"Mlle, you wear glasses??"

Yesterday I lost a contact during second period. I went around all day in a one-eye-closed, blurry state. It was a mess. I decided to wear my glasses today. I feel way more "business" in my glasses, for some reason. This outfit sort of reflects that.

Shirt: Garage // Skirt: Joe Fresh // Bracelet: H&M //

I was balancing my camera on my car, and it was very windy. Also, it should be noted that heels + gravel road is not a rookie move; do not try this at home. :)

Shoes: Nine West //

Oh. As if you had to ask... yes, this skirt has pockets. 
♥ Meg xoxo



  1. Love this post! (And Perks!) xo Erin

  2. Thanks lady! So... movie date when it comes out? Obvi.